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War and Peace (2009)

6,060 views Eight-hour epic based on the book of the same name by Leo Tolstoy. Two main story-lines are complex and intertwined. One is the love story of young Countess Natasha Rostova and Count Pierre Bezukhov, who is unhappy in his marriage. Another is the "Great Patriotic War" of 1812 against the invading Napoleon's Armies. The people of Russia from all classes of society stand up united against the enemy. The 500,000 strong Napoleon's army moves through Russia and causes much destruction culminating in the battle of Borodino. The Russian army has to retreat. Moscow is occupied, looted and burned down, but soon Napoleon loses control and has to flee. Both sides suffer tremendous losses in the war, an...

Cleanflix (2009)

5,430 views When a small Utah-based edited movie company is caught sanitizing Hollywood's copyrighted material, the film industry strikes back with a devastating blow.

Truth (2009)

5,050 views Lucy's boyfriend is not what he seems to be. On a drive home after a New Years Eve party, Lucy and her roommate Stephanie, suddenly find themselves being kidnapped by Hazeem who is secretly a member of a terrorist cell. Leaping from the moving car, they narrowly escape and find help from a stranger, Thomas. He tries to decoy and fight off Hazeem and the armed co-conspirators, but is overpowered and also taken hostage. It's all over the news that this Al-Quida cell has taken three hostages and threatens to execute them if the United States does not completely leave their Arabic homelands. But Thomas refuses to be a pawn in their game. He challenges, sabotages and resists the terrorists at eve...

The Priest (2009)

4,860 views Father Alexander is trying to maintain peaceful life for his church amidst the Nazi occupation during WWII.

Reaching Tranquility: The 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing (2009)

2,620 views With a poignant speech in 1961, President John F. Kennedy made it clear that he wanted to see the United States be the first to land an astronaut on the moon's surface. The U.S. was in the middle of a race for the lunar surface with the U.S.S.R., which had successfully sent the first human to outer space, less than a month before. With the two super powers locked in the Cold War, President Kennedy set a goal to land on the moon by the end of 1969. With heavy costs of money and the loss of eight in the space program during that time, a nervous world witnessed as NASA created the Apollo program, developing a massive rocket ship from technology meant for missiles. The drama of 40 years ago play...

Taras Bulba (2009)

2,550 views Set in the 16th century, this is a story about Ukraine's Cossack warriors and their campaign to defend their lands from the advancing Polish armies.

Streets of New York (2009)

2,100 views New York City was once the crime capital of America, accounting for nearly 10% of murders in the US. The Bronx burned, the streets were awash in drugs, and the subways were so dangerous they created the most infamous vigilante of the last 50 years, Bernie Goetz. Today, New York is the safest big city in the country. 'Streets of New York' explores the rise and fall of crime in Gotham since 1970 through archival television footage and a series of interivews with convicts, drug dealers, robbers and gang members, (mostly reformed.)

Garbo: The Spy (2009)

1,610 views A compelling account of Juan Pujol, an extraordinary Spanish double agent during WWII who helped change the course of history.

Lie (2009)

1,540 views In 1968 Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys met a dynamic and passionate singer/songwriter and introduced him to Hollywood. The two set out to record that artist's first professional album. The album became known as 'LIE.' In 1969 this artist achieved incredible fame, but not for his music. The artist's name was Charles Manson.

The Canadiens, Forever (2009)

1,340 views William Langlois, 17, is the star player of his hockey team at the French College of Longueuil. At the end of the season, a few weeks before Christmas, he goes through a slump, demoralized ...

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