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Very Mean Men (2000)


1,410 views A bartender wants rid of an obnoxious drunk but not until the drunk has left a decent tip. So the bartender tells the story of two mobster families, the Minettis who work out of an Italian restaurant in the East San Fernando Valley, and the Mulroneys who work out of an Irish pub in the West San Fernando Valley. Mob war breaks out when one of the Minetti "boys" stiffs Big Paddy's daughter on her tip. We soon see why these hoods are called very mean men.

Jakarta (2000)

1,400 views Director: Cho Sin Jung
Cast: Sang Jung Kim, Da Hun Yun, Chang Jung Lim

No Alibi (2000)

1,310 views A businessman becomes the target for a ruthless criminal who mistakes him for the thief who stole his drug money.

Muggers (2000)

1,300 views Brad and Gregor, two broke medical students in their final year and debut to a loan shark, must resort to contentious lengths to finance themselves. A fresh comedy with scruple less students.

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